Voltaire live!

After a 6-year hiatus, Voltaire returns to Chicago!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a successful event! Don't forget to check out the photos from that night. Also, check out these reviews:

Eryn Rachell Shf. Michael David R.

Eryn Rachell      Café Lura - a Projekt kind of night!

I just can't help but say how delightful the evening was, with the most charming gothies of various sorts (Ref: What is Goth?) from all over the great plains, and beyond!

From the moment I walked and met Slash and the faithful doorkeepers, and meeting new friends through the night, the ambience was totally grand.

'Twas a delight to enjoy chats with the minstrels who are Rachael's Surrender - truly a memorable opportunity - and a special thanks to Elyzabeth for her time.

Meeting and visiting with Voltaire was like meeting an old friend I never met before - what a fabulous and gallant gent he is! And personable, my gosh, the man has class. And a brilliant conversationalist!

Many Thanks to all those who got the show together and brightened (blacklighted?) a lot of souls' cold and snowy evening!!

Om Shanti Pax.

"I want some more." - Claudia, [Interview with a Vampire]

Shf. Michael      Review:  Voltaire – Café Lura, Chicago IL 02/19/2005

Saturday night at the Café Lura was an evening of firsts by many means. It was the first significant event for [the Gothic Council of Chicago]. It was the first concert Voltaire has played in Chicago in nearly seven years. It was the first time most the attendees have had the chance to see a live Voltaire performance, and (I'm pretty sure) the first time any goth set opened with a sing along recital of the Polish national anthem.

Voltaire was in great form, as always, looking dapper in his black on black long coat suit and tie ensemble. Sleek and dark, sinister and sly, Voltaire slashed his body back and forth the stage while crooning is opening satire song "Rammstien", a comedic parody of the German industrial band's "Du Hast". Those who are familiar with his material know what to expect with his tongue-in-cheek lyrics about ghosts, goblins, the devil, necrophilia, the occasional Star Wars/Star Trek references, and the stereotypical insider's look at the gothic subculture. But those who have not witnessed him before are always in for a treat with Voltaire's hysterical monologues in between each song which cover everything from seeing Dave Gahan and David Bowie at his 7 year-old son's PTA meeting, or playing in Japan for the first time while trying to do monologues in Japanese, (which he speaks extremely well, by the way).

Over the past few years, Voltaire has gained much popularity in the gothic underground, as well as small circles of sci-fi fans, comic geeks, and the average general on-looker. His "Deady" and "Oh My Goth" comics are a great hit with both his fans as well as the critics, and his music has become a staple at most popular goth clubs. His aficionados have come to expect his cult hits such as "Ex-Lover's Lover", "When You're Evil", "Dead Girls Like Me", and "The Vampire Club". He plays heartfelt songs as well, like the ballad about his son Mars's fear of sleeping alone "Goodnight Demon Slayer".

Sometimes Voltaire concert goers are treated to the occasional cover song like Tori Amos's "Caught a Lite Sneeze", The Cure's "Love Song", or "Late Night Double Feature" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But last night, however, the atypical artiste stuck to the basic originals and monologues that everyone wanted to hear, and was pleased with.

Voltaire, as a person, is cursed with being a crowd pleaser. You can approach him at his signing table, and even if he doesn't like you, he'll still talk to you for a ½ hour. After the show, he invites everyone to get drunk with him. And even when a city that has given him the shaft for half a decade invites him to do a show (once again, year after year) he'll hold the grudge, but turn the other cheek and remain a comrade.

His performance was superb, his presence was gratifying, and he undeniably won the hearts of every patron of the Café Lura last night. Hopefully, this will be the start of many more Chicago area performances for Voltaire.

David R.      Great Show!

That was a fantastic show! Very well executed, excellent and interesting venue, and the show went off without a hitch! Very worth the trip down from the great north. (I am a member of the MGC [Milwaukee Gothic Council.]) All and all a very worth while trip, and I hope to participate in more GCC events in the future (what now that I am a card-carrying member and all...).

Well done!

† All reviews were volunteered by individual attendees; are posted as they were written; and have been edited for grammar, spelling, and format. Reviewers' opinions do not necessarily reflect that of the Gothic Council of Chicago.


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