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ISGS – The leader in training and certification for Federal and State Government Security Programs


Industry Standard
Government Security
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The ISGS Pledge

ISGS pledges to the security community to:

• Provide support for educational and security training efforts

• Provide assessment of individuals and oganizations to identify training gaps

• Certify individuals who have passed comprehensive examination in one area of security knowledge

Major Projects

Developers of the ISGS SCAP, a server security tool for Windows and POSIX environments. The ISGS SCAP provides metrics and output data to support CIS-benchmarking and NIST Compliance. Version 1.5 of the ISGS SCAP and an end-user license is available to organizations that employ ISGS certified professionals.

Training classes and laboratory instruction are available to students pursuing ISGS SCAP. Training publications and training materials are available to government and commercial organizations that employ security professionals to work on enterprise networks.

Security Conferences
Industry Standard Government Security has provided data, fact-checking and presentation materials for speakers at security conventions including DEF CON 2007, Notacon 2007 and Summercon 2008. ISGS is available to support organizations, at upcoming conferences, who are engaged in the presentation of legitimate security research.

Industry Standard Government Security was founded in 2006. In the midst of high-profile security breaches and regulatory compliance nightmares, the need to bring security professionals to an acceptable level of knowledge became apparent. Different security professionals came from diverse technology backgrounds including operations, network engineering, development or design and were at different respective levels of knowledge in terms of the disparate types of capabilities that their management expected them to have. Existing training and certification programs covered some areas of knowledge but left a "knowledge gap" in a few key areas. A pass-fail basis is useful for some certification efforts however a gradient scale is needed for in-depth assessment.