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Contact Industry Standard Government Security to schedule your training:

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ISGS certifications provide engineers with recognition of completing a course of study that emphasizes both theoretical concepts as well as laboratory-based practical "hands-on" security. Course registration is by phone and a course registration voucher will be issued by mail upon receipt of payment. Sealed, printed certificates will be issued after review of test results and validation by test examiners.

Current Annual Training Schedule

Class Title Session Class Size
Vulnerability Analysis Winter 30 student max.
Defensive Security (Strategic/Practical) Spring 30 student max.
Server Hardening Summer 30 student max.
Security Testing and Evaluation Fall 20 student max.

Individual Certification

Security Testing and Evaluation for security professionals

Lecture (80 hours)
Lab and Practical (40 hours)
Lecture notes and syllabus included

Course Description:
Course will cover modern testing theories and practice. Hardware, software and communication protocols will receive an overview to familiarize students with their application in security testing. Validation and advanced testing of servers, network devices and endpoints will receive particular focus. Common methods to circumvent controls protecting confidentiality, integrity, availability and access will be demonstrated and made familiar to the students. Laboratory exercises will supplement instruction including social engineer, network penetration, physical access testing and remote exploit.

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